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The Craft

We bring unparalleled expertise and experience to 1 Atelier, with over 50 years of combined experience in the luxury leather goods space among our founders alone. We are so committed to high-quality craftsmanship that we have opened the first new handbag atelier in New York City’s Garment District in over two decades.

We meticulously craft each custom bag by hand, combining your unique design with the highest quality materials from the world’s top tanneries and solid brass hardware coated with precious metals. We look at what goes into making our handbags as an artform, and we know you will see and feel the difference.

With 1 Atelier, you are purchasing your handbag directly from the atelier where it's made and from the studio where the shape is developed. All the traditional manufacturing layers are eliminated, giving you a handbag that expresses your individuality at a price that reflects only what went into making it.

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