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The Very Best Materials

At 1 Atelier, we believe that true luxury is defined by craftsmanship, quality and having something beautiful made just for you. We source the finest leathers from suppliers in Italy, France and the US, using a mix of top quality lambskin, tumbled leather, suede, haircalf, python and crocodile in our products. Read on to find out what makes each material so special and how to choose the one that is right for your lifestyle and your custom bag.

Tumbled Leather

Our Tumbled Leather has a beautiful full grain, supple hand and soft drape. Its specially-crafted, semi-aniline finish retains the feel and natural beauty of full-aniline leather while providing added protection against scratches, stains and sun damage. To ensure the highest quality, we source our tumbled leather from Arzignano, an Italian town with a history of leathercraft going back to the 15th century. Tumbled leather is a chic, versatile favorite that is an excellent choice for a bag that will see regular use.

Black tumbled leather Bone tumbled leather Buff tumbled leather Dark olive tumbled leather Elderberry tumbled leather Espresso tumbled leather Fog tumbled leather Garnet tumbled leather Luggage tumbled leather Midnight blue tumbled leather Navy tumbled leather Orchid tumbled leather Portobello tumbled leather Ruby tumbled leather Saddle tumbled leather Saffron tumbled leather White tumbled leather

Suede Leather

Our Italian Calf Suede is strong, supple and remarkably soft, with the added characteristic of a unique, velvety nap that creates luxurious effects of light and shade. We’ve sourced our suede from Tuscany, directly from a medieval village known for its tanning since the 13th century. This tactile leather will add a sense of warmth to any bag and is a good choice for a bag with draping or where you want a more relaxed feeling. With use, the nap of the suede can flatten or appear compressed. A special suede brush will help to revitalize the pile by passing it gently over the suede in the direction of the nap.

Black suede leather Caramel suede leather Espresso suede leather Navy suede leather Red suede leather Slate suede leather


Our most luxurious leather, the Nappa is an incredibly soft and smooth lambskin, with a silky hand and beautiful drape. A very light aniline finish offers some support and protection to this delicate skin, while still allowing the texture and rich color of the leather to come through. This leather is an instant classic, adding a soft touch to any silhouette. This is a more delicate leather, which can show the effects of age (but we think that’s part of its charm!).

Bleu marine french nappa leather Chameau french nappa leather Gris french nappa leather Marron fonce french nappa leather Noir french nappa leather Rouge french nappa leather

Metallic Nappa

Our Metallic Lambskin Nappa is very soft and produces an incredible drape in a bag. The subtlety of the finish speaks to sophistication and glamour —for a little shimmer, add a hint of metallic as trim, or use on the body of your bag to create a bold statement look.

Anthracite metallic nappa leather Gold metallic nappa leather

Hair Calf

Sourced from the legendary leather producers of the Santa Croce Sull’Arno valley in Tuscany, our Hair Calf Leather will add a fine texture and softness of touch to your bag. The four colors on offer are luminous, bold and saturated, evoking a refined natural quality that is also luxuriously playful. Hair Calf is a resilient choice, inherently repellent to moisture and markings, which makes it a good fit for an everyday bag.

Black hair calf leather Cherry hair calf leather Cognac hair calf leather Mali hair calf leather


The scales and distinct pattern inherent to Python will elevate any bag into glamorous territory, and with a full aniline finish, those natural characteristics are on full display. An exotic skin is a powerful statement of confidence and high-luxury material, which is why Python is a perfect choice for those with a discerning and refined aesthetic.

To care for your python bag, clean off dirt gently with a soft damp cloth in the direction of the scales. If it gets wet, it should be wiped gently in the direction of the scales with a soft white cotton or flannel cloth to remove excess water before allowing to dry naturally without using any appliance, heat or direct sunlight.

*Please note that it is illegal for us to ship python to a Californian address.

Anthracite python leather Black python leather Champagne python leather Citrus multi python leather Dusk blue python leather Marble python leather Natural python leather Truffle python leather White python leather

Matte Nile Crocodile

The beauty of the distinctive tile pattern of our genuine South African Nile Crocodile cannot be underestimated. Having smoother scales than the more common Caiman, it is a refined skin that maintains a soft and supple hand while still being extremely resilient. For those reasons, it has earned a place among the most luxurious exotics on the market while providing excellent value for price. The matte finish acts as a casual but clear expression of luxury.

We source our crocodile from a family-run tannery in upstate New York, which matches state of the art technology with traditional hand-finishing. Our suppliers are members of the Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG), a network of industry experts involved in the conservation and maintenance of alligator and crocodile species around the globe.

Black matte nile crocodile skin Brown matte nile crocodile skin Poppy matte nile crocodile skin

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