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Stylist Sarah Slutsky and Her Daring Mini Saddle

We can’t get enough of the ultimate in statement bags from this fashion insider

What happens when a top celebrity stylist creates a one-of-a-kind statement bag? Magic. Sarah Slutsky combined red suede, orchid and saffron tumbled leather, and citrus multi python to create a bag as charming and inventive as she is. Spending time with Sarah in her studio was a delight for the 1 Atelier team—from stories about her stylish grandmother in Chicago to dressing Golden Globe nominees, her capacity to love and appreciate fashion in all forms was a true inspiration.

Watch to find out more about what motivates and inspires her, along with how she came to design her truly unique and stunning Mini Saddle. Explore making your own creation today!

Photography and Video: Sophie Elgort | Hair: Brenton Diallo |Makeup: Stevi Christine

Kate Foley Designs Her Unique Universal Tote

The Fashion Consultant and Her Elegantly Chic Bag

Kate Foley is as known in the fashion world for her singular sense of style (she calls it “quirky”) as for her work styling and consulting for brands around the globe. The mother-to-be took time out of her hectic schedule to spend a serene morning discussing her style, her new Universal Tote design, and what it means to her to be a London girl living in Brooklyn.

While she normally gravitates to small bags, Kate created a sleek Universal Tote, combining a dark olive tumbled leather body with white tumbled leather gusset and straps. Watch Kate’s take and then create your own Universal Tote.

Photography and Video: Sophie Elgort | Hair: Brenton Diallo |Makeup: Stevi Christine

Lainy Hedaya & Her Universal Tote

The Creative Force Designs Her Perfect Everyday Bag

We recently spent time with Lainy Hedaya, the founder of Haute Inhabit and all-around creative, in her beautiful NYC home and got her thoughts on style, the future and designing her new 1 Atelier Universal Tote. Lainy went for a graphic approach to her bag with a cognac haircalf body and black haircalf gusset paired with bone contrast edge painting. The bone tumbled leather flap and black enamel buckle add a pop of contrast to her Universal Tote. Watch what Lainy has to say about personal style, being a New Yorker and the experience of having something made just for her.

How has creating your blog influenced the way you look at style?

I think in the beginning I used to look at it as, the more you have the easier it is to get dressed. I have come to realize that quality is everything, and a quality closet over one of quantity is so much better.

How has your passion for photography influenced your aesthetic? Are you more aware of how fashion will appear on camera with your blog and instagram?

I love photography the same way I love doing post production. I always think of how pieces will look shot. But with a little editing, I can always make it stand out if the image is dull. I like lots of neutrals though. Too much color is too much for the brain to process.

How was the experience of creating your 1 Atelier Universal Tote? Can you tell us your favorite part?

I want to make a 1 Atelier bag every day... if I could. It was so fun. I loved just sitting there for so long and making so many bags, and then choosing my favorite.

What have you enjoyed the most about having a truly custom bag?

That no one else has it!

It's the beginning of 2018! What are you most excited about for this year?

I don't know... everyone keeps talking about cryptocurrencies.

Photography and Video: Sophie Elgort | Hair: Jacob Rozenberg |Makeup: Kim White

Athena Calderone Creates Her Universal Tote

Meet the Founder of EyeSwoon, Chef, Designer, New Yorker

Athena Calderone is the quintessential New York City multi-hyphenate. In addition to founding her wildly popular website EyeSwoon, she is a chef, a mom, an interior designer and a cookbook author (not to mention a fashion force in her own right!).

We invited Athena to design a bag unique to her life, and she created a super-chic style that pulls from her love of mixing the unexpected in her cooking. With black haircalf sides, white python body and elderberry suede lining, the Universal Tote is sleek, sexy and utterly versatile — just like Athena herself.

Watch her take on what it means to be a New Yorker and have luxury made right here in NYC in the video above, and click through to create the Universal Tote for yourself.

Photography and Video: Sophie Elgort | Hair: Jacob Rozenberg |Makeup: Kim White
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